Our Core Services

M/s Trust Services offers following categories of services:-

  1. HR Solutions not restricted to Manpower Supply of all types of Technical Executives, Middle Management Staff, Junior Level Staffs, Skilled/Semi-Skilled/Unskilled Workers, Trained Security Staffs etc.,
HR Solutions | Trust Services
Trained Security Staffs | Trust Services
Skilled Workers | Trust Services
Middle Management Staff | Trust Services
  1. Supply, Installation & Trials of Equipment (Engg./Electrical/Control/Fire Fighting/Safety), Supply of Power tools/fittings/fasteners for equipment/piping/cable glands etc.,
Supply, Installation & Trials of Equipment | Trust Services
Fire Fighting Equipment Trials & Installation | Trust Services
Security Services | Trust Services
Security Services | Trust Services
  1. Repair & Manufacturing activities pertaining to the Naval & Coast Guard Ships like Pumps, Centrifuges, DG Sets, AC Plants, Valves, Piping works including Installation/Pressure Testing/Flushing Works etc.,
Piping works | Trust Services
Pressure Testing | Trust Services
Pumps Repair | Trust Services
Flushing Works | Trust Services
  1. Turn-key Technical projects of Engineering, Ship Repairs, Sports Facilities Creation etc.,
Ship Repairs | Trust Services
Technical projects of Engineering | Trust Services
Technical Engineering | Trust Services
Technical Engineering | Trust Services
  1. Annual Maintenance Contracts pertaining to Engineering & Electrical Ship Systems Eqpt./Security Systems etc.,
Security Camera Installation | Trust Services
Security Surveillance Systems | Trust Services
Electrical Ship Systems Equipment | Trust Services
Security Systems | Trust Services

Best Manpower Outsourcing Company in Visakhapatnam

For Trust Services, manpower outsourcing services beyond paying salaries timely or making clients compliant. We believe in exceeding client expectations, not meeting them. We provide you with a human interface every day of the week, 24 hours a day. From day one, you are assigned a SPOC, not a ticket number!

Why Work with the Trust Services Company?

  • We are a reputable company in Visakhapatnam that can take care of your outsourced workers administrative, statutory and human resources demands.
  • We have methods to save administrative expenses associated with managing your outsourced personnel.
  • It's important to choose an outsourcing partner that can handle large numbers of outsourced staff while also using the newest digital automation and mobile technologies.
  • We have a knowledge exchange, advisory, and consultancy team comprised of subject-matter experts charged with putting best practices into action.
  • In the previous three years, we've placed more than 800 individuals in employment, and we now employ around 270 people.

Defence Ship Repair Firms

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we provide a top-notch ship repair and maintenance facility and other wider variety of services and, systems, all of which are adapted to the specific needs of the vessel.

Trust Services has a long history in ship repair and modernization. In the modern-day, ship repairs and refits vary from basic maintenance and repairs to installing ship piping and AC plant in the ship, significant steel renewals, engine replacements, whole mechanical overhauls, and severe damage restoration. Trust Services, with considerable expertise and wide exposure in repairs of any sort, uses the most advanced equipment and procedures and has solidified our reputation as one of the best naval ship repair companies in India.

Modern docking and repair facilities result from the repair team's never-ending search for perfection. Our company employs in-house welders, pipe fitters, structural fitters, electricians, and carpenters to assure excellent quality, cost efficiency, and speedy turn-around on all of its projects.

Naval Ship Repair Companies

Security Systems Hardware and Software Providers

Having a security systems administrator on your team is a great way to ensure that your company's computer network responsibility, monitoring, and control access are safe from cyber assaults, and they can also advise you on the best ways to keep your network secure. The first line of defence in detecting unusual behavior on a company's internal network or the internet is the security systems administrator.

Individual user accounts can be created, deleted, and maintained by security software systems administrators, as well as the creation of organizational security solutions. A security system administrating person can also perform system monitoring and frequent backups. At Trust Services, we provide security systems hardware and software administrators who are aware of the right procedure, keep a close eye on network traffic for any unusual behavior, carry out risk assessments, audit computers and their software and ensure that all network resources are protected with the latest security updates.

Security System Administrator